Pint of Science

EDIT (9/5/19): The tickets are now sold out.
EDIT (1/5/19): Updated with newly-released information.

I am a co-organiser of this year’s Pint of Science in Ottawa!

Pint of Science is an international event where anyone can can learn about science, over a pint. For three nights and at three bars concurrently, scientists come to give fun informal talks on their research to a broad audience. Games and experiments punctuate the evening.

I organised an Artificial Intelligence night under the Atoms to Galaxies theme.

AI’s creativity: from music to science, how we use artificial intelligences to enhance our creativity, and witness their own.

The speakers are Pablo Samuel Castro from Google Brain, and Isaac Tamblyn from the National Research Council of Canada. Buy your free tickets online, and see you Monday 20th May, at the Clocktower Brew pub on Bank!