About me


I am a physicist applying mathematical and computational methods to material science. In other words, I use the world’s largest computers to understand solids at the smallest scale and design tomorrow’s energy materials.

My name is Dr. Axiel Yaël Birenbaum. My last position was as a postdoctoral fellow doing research at the National Research Council of Canada, working in the Security and Disruptive Technologies Theory group.

Please use the menu above to find my CV, research interests, list of publications & talks, as well as outreach activities I am involved in.

I publish under Axiel Yaël Birenbaum. My full and official name is Yaël Liliane Birenbaum-Haligua. I hold both French and Canadian citizenships. I use they/them and she/her pronouns.

The banner above is a representation of electronic charge densities in a crystal.