About me


I am a physicist applying mathematical and computational methods to material science. In other words, I use the world’s largest computers to understand solids at the smallest scale and design tomorrow’s energy materials.

My name is Axiel Yaël, and I am a European postdoctoral fellow doing research at the National Research Council of Canada. I work in the Security and Disruptive Technologies Theory group.

Please use the menu above to find my CV, research interests, list of publications & talks, as well as outreach activities I am involved in.

I publish under Axiel Yaël Birenbaum. My full and official name is Yaël Liliane Birenbaum-Haligua. I hold both French and Canadian citizenships. This is the name written in those passports but I go by Axiel.

The banner above is a representation of electronic charge densities in a crystal.